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The guys who get dirty so you don't have too!


Our knowledgeable staff at Great Canadian Oil Change Portage la Prairie, will help you and your vehicle get on your way. We use teams of 3 to get your vehicle in and out in about 12 minutes.

Service Advisor
The Service advisors job is to enter your information and make sure we use the oil and filters that meet your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations. They also assist the upstairs and downstairs technicians when needed.

Upstairs Technician
The main job of the upstairs tech is to check your vehicles vital fluids, replace dirty air or cabin filters and to add new oil to your vehicle. They also perform fluid flushes and top up low fluids as needed.

Downstairs Technician
The downstairs tech, checks the underside of your vehicle for peace of mind, they drain the oil, replace the filter and grease your chassis. They also replace fuel filters and change drivetrain fluids as needed.

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Meet The Team

Great Canadian Oil Change Portage la Prairie Staff.

Matthew Blair


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Justin Semchyshyn


Deanne Peters


Walfred Rodas