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Automotive Oil Changes

What the Great Canadian Oil Change is known for.

Transmission Flush

Replaces most of your vehicles dirty transmission fluid with new, clean fluid.

Radiator (coolant) Flush

Keeps your engine running at an efficient temperature., and heats your vehicle during cold weather.

Change Drivetrain fluids

Prevents wear of gears from poor lubrication.

replace dirty filters

Clean filters prevents engine contamination extending engine life and increases fuel mileage

replace Worn wiper blades

Maintain better vision on the road during bad weather, by replacing worn wiper blades.


Don't get stranded with a dead battery, have your vehicle's battery tested today and replaced if need be.

Engine Flush

Overdue on your oil change? we can run a cleaning additive before draining the old oil to help keep your engine clean and free of sludge.

Fuel System

Fuel injector cleaners and fuel additives, they help with fuel milage and keep your fuel system clean

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What Our Customers Say

I use my vehicle daily for work and having it to wait a hour or more at the dealership costs me time and money. With Great Canadian Oil Change, im in and out, it's awesome.
Jessica Young
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